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About Us

The Little Farmers Community is a platform that is being developed to provide educational resources and activities for use in schools and at home. The first of our books in the 'What comes from farms?' book series titled 'What is Meat?' has just been published. This book covers where meat comes from, what animals we eat and what other products animals help us make, whilst being written in a fun storybook format. This book is full of facts and easy to read which makes it suitable for use in the classroom and at home, even as a bedtime story! 

* To find more information out about our books and to purchase them use the book collection link in the menu at the top of the page 

On top of our books we offer tutoring services through a variety of modes. With this service we aim to provide parents in rural and remote locations to access tutoring services they usually would not be able to utilise. We offer tutoring in person for students located near Gundagai NSW as well as video call tutoring for students located elsewhere in Australia. Our tutoring services include kindergarten through to Year 10 students across all subjects and all learning abilities. We also provide the option of group tutoring sessions and sibling tutoring sessions where suitable. 

* Find more information about our tutoring services through the tutoring services link in the menu at the top of the page 

Finally, we are looking to provide an array of educational activities that can be used in the classroom and at home that will involve recipes, arts and crafts and activities that can been completed by both our Little Farmers out in the country as well as our Little Urban Farmers in our cities. With the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 in our daily lives we want to provide you and your children with meaningful tasks that can be completed with ease at home.

* Keep tuned for our activity blogs coming soon to this website under the LFC Blog tab in the menu at the top of the page 

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Meet the Team

Hi! My name is Kate Webster and I am the Author of the book series 'What comes from farms' and the founder of The Little Farmers Community

I graduated from university with my Bachelor of Agricultural Science in 2020 amid the peak of Covid-19. At the time I was tutoring children from all school years in Wagga Wagga NSW and I saw there was a massive need for tutors in regional areas. This combined with my Agricultural Science background led to me pursuing the development of this organisation. 

With The Little Farmers Community I hope to provide parents and children in regional areas with access to tutoring services they may not usually be able to reach, develop a series of teaching resources, including my recently completed book series, for use in schools to aid in educating children particularly in urban areas about food and where it comes from, and finally to provide parents with an educational stream of activities and projects that can be completed at home to keep their children engaged and learning which I feel holds great importance with the current uncertainty of Covid-19.  

I am excited to be finally launching this venture and look forward to all of you following me on this journey!



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