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The first book of our series of four has now been published, this book is titled 'What is Meat?' 
The purpose of our books is to create a fun and educational resource to aid parents, teachers and care givers in educating children about where their food and fibre comes from. The books are full of facts and written with a fun twist making them ideal for use in the classroom, in the home and even as a bedtime story!
Book #1 - What is Meat?

This is the first book in our soon to be series of four!


There are many 'tricky' conversations that parents have to have with their kids when raising them, one that is commonly overlooked is where does meat come from?


It is inevitable, whether it is during dinner or in the kitchen your child's inquisitive little mind is going to ask this question at some point in time. But how do you answer them? You don't want to turn them off meat completely, but it is an important fact that shouldn't be glossed over either. 


That is exactly what this book aims to do, it answers all of those questions your little ones will have along with many more. This book is an excellent tool to help discuss this tricky topic and most importantly to get the facts right when doing so! It is written in a fun story book format making it a great tool for any setting. ​

What People Say

It was great to receive our copies of your book, Kate. Thanks for getting them into the mail so quickly. It is a very professional production. Congratulations. With the clarity of the information you have provided coupled with the great illustrations, the book is sure to be a hit with your young target market. 

— Jan Buckley

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