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Group Session Information:

How are School Groups Allocated?
Group Session EOI's
Adult Classes/Groups

Group sessions will be run in person - location TBC. 

Classes will comprise of students who are looking for assistance in similar fields, the same school stage or at similar learning abilities. 

Our classes involve a range of activities and games to get kids learning in a different way to the classroom while revising class content.

Classes will only be formed once enough interest is expressed for a particular age group and subject area.

Learning Pods

If you are interested in joining a group tutoring session please fill out the Contact Us form through the link below and we will contact you and advise you of any availabilities we have in our group sessions.

When completing the form please include details on your child's  learning ability so we can place your child into the most appropriate group.

School Holiday Activities

We will run these as evening classes unless otherwise requested. Please note that these are not accredited classes however we do offer a certificate of attendance if required.


Additionally we intend for these classes to be a social/interactive activity for adults on top of being educational/informative. Please come with an open mind. 

HSC Study Groups

What is a learning pod?

A learning pod is a group of students who meet regularly to do classes outside of what school covers or offers. 

These pods involve a fully formed class plan with hands on activities. 

These can be an excellent option for Home Schooled children to socialise with other children in similar situations.  Or parents who want their kids to be involved in hands on educational extracurricular activities. 


These can either be one off or reoccurring. Contact us directly to start planning a pod with us now!  

Ideal for parents looking for a way to fill in the days during school holidays. 

These sessions are fun/social mash ups of games, activities and learning. Students can come along with friends or siblings and get hands on with learning something new. 

Some of these sessions may have additional costs or lists of items to bring depending on interest (such as art and science). 

We offer bundles for parents looking to enrol their children in multiple classes each school holiday period. Watch our socials for more information.

These sessions will run in the weeks leading up to the HSC. Their cost has been significantly discounted to make them accessible to everyone. 

These sessions will run in a pop quiz style format with a range of individual work and group work. 

These sessions will cover the curriculum assessed in the HSC with each week covering a different topic of the subject being attended. 

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