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Tutoring Services 

At The Little Farmers Community we offer tutoring through our K to 12 and Beyond Tutoring Program for Kindergarten through to Year 12 and beyond for adult learners in need, across all subject areas. We offer tutoring for all levels of learning abilities and across a range of subjects. 
Tutoring is available in the following forms:
            - Individual face to face sessions - allows us to target the student's individual struggles
            - Group sessions of 4+ students at a time face to face - allows us to do revisions topic by topic
            - Sibling sessions of 2+ students face to face - a combination of general and targeted revision 
            - Adult classes of 5+ students face to face - interactive group classes
            - School Holiday Intensive Tutoring Programs - preference based topic by topic revision
            - School Holiday Educational Activity Sessions - fun, interactive and hands on sessions
            - Learning Pods (organised classes for school aged students) - fully formed classes with hands on                activities

Subjects offered:
            - Primary School Students - English (Reading & Literacy), Maths, and Science & Technology
            - Junior High School Students - English, Science, Maths, Agriculture and General Study Sessions                    (great for exam revision and learning essential study skills)
            - Senior High School Students - General Maths, Senior Science, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture and                General Study Sessions (great for exam revision and learning essential study skills)
            - School Holiday Educational Activity Sessions - Art, Spanish, Science, Creative Writing, Book Clubs                and Maths
            - Learning Pods - All areas mentioned above (including school holiday activities) and Beginners                    Spanish
            - Adult Classes - English as a Second Language, Computer and Phone Skills, Beginners Spanish                    and General Math/English Skills
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